Mission and Values

Mission & Values

Our corporate mission is to provide the best possible comanagement services to the profession of Optometry.


  • We believe in the Christian principles of love, kindness and compassion and strive to incorporate these in our patient care and the way we treat our staff.
  • We believe patient’s families and friends provide important support and we encourage them to be as involved as possible in our care of their loved ones.
  • We believe patients and their families have a right to honest and forthright medical information presented in a manner they can understand.
  • We believe that a calm, caring and cheerful environment minimizes patient stress and the need for artificial sedation.
  • We believe that all our actions should be guided by integrity, honesty and courage.
  • We believe that true success comes from doing the right things for the right reasons.
  • We believe that efficient, quality eye care is provided best by professionals practicing at the highest level of their expertise.
  • We believe that communicating openly and sharing knowledge with our optometric colleagues is crucial to providing outstanding patient care.
  • We believe that the ultimate measure of our success is the complete satisfaction of the doctors who entrust us with the care of their patients.

Our Vision

Our highest duty is to treat patients entrusted to our care as we would wish to be treated.

We believe patients receive the highest quality of care when doctors in different areas of expertise combine their skills. Cooperation of this type is termed comanagement.

For patients to realize the full benefits of successful comanagement, relationships between the doctors involved must be built on a solid foundation of mutual trust and respect.