It is a pleasure to work alongside optometric physician colleagues to assist in the care of referred patients. We want to do everything we can to support the important role you play as a primary eyecare expert.

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Impressed by Cautious Approach

I have worked in a practice specializing in retinal care for the past 20 years and continue to be impressed by the caution taken by the PCLI physicians when it comes to surgery for their patients. I often see consultations asking for clearance and stability of the retina prior to a cataract and LASIK procedure. This underscores their passion to insure the best possible visual outcome for the patient.

Jay Haynie, OD ~ Retina & Macula Specialists ~ Olympia, WA

Well Done PCLI

For 10+ years I have referred patients to PCLI for cataract and laser surgery. I have personally received LASIK from Dr. Ford with outstanding results. The level of care and surgical outcome is at the highest level possible. I have never had a patient complain about their experience at PCLI. Well done everyone at PCLI. I will continue to recommend you for my patients surgical needs. Thank you sincerely.

Conley Marcum Jr, OD ~ Anchorage, AK

Higher Level of Care

It is really nice to be able to consult with doctors at any of your clinics about challenging patients that come my way. These telephone consults have made it possible for me to provide a higher level of eye care in our rural area. The emergency room doctors at the local hospital routinely send many of the eye cases to me because they know I have good backup and am not flying completely on my own.

Jim (aka Mad Dog) Ogden, OD ~ Goldendale, WA

Great Service

I want to thank you for the service you provide with your website. I placed a listing for an associate optometrist in my Marysville practice and next day I had six interested doctors. I have filled my position with one of these well qualified people. Again, thank you for this great service.

Dennis Gustafson, OD ~ State Avenue Vision Clinic ~ Marysville, WA

Thank You for Making My Job Easy

I would like to thank the fine doctors and staff at PCLI who were involved with my wife’s refractive lens exchange. As usual, everyone was very professional and caring. I appreciate the skills that demonstrate why surgeons at PCLI are so respected. You did an excellent job and made my wife feel confident and comfortable. Your staff was also kind and efficient. My personal experience at PCLI reinforces my faith in your abilities as a team of eye care professionals. I will continue to refer my patients to you with complete confidence. My wife is doing great and enjoying her new, clear vision. Thank you for making my job easy with no post-op complications.

Alan Copeland, OD ~  Sequim, WA